prop and product styling

I style with a purpose: to bring authenticity to your content. Due to my experience in content creation, event and editorial design, I've curated a collection of unique props that blend your goals and storytelling to connect with your ideal clients and consumers.


content creation & direction

Content is the most powerful tool in connecting to your target market and creating sales. Your content should show your value, uniqueness, and humanity to your clients so they can begin to build a relationship of trust and devotion. It is not about fulfilling a content calendar, but fulfilling the brand's needs and serving your clients.


branding & social strategy

Growing your brand and marketing your products requries ongoing innovation and creativity. Working with a range of Fortune 500 companies, rising start-ups, and ceiling-shattering non-profits, has provided me with the the "third eye" of researching, planning, and executing unique solutions to exceed goals.